Jump-start Your Web Application — scaffoldhub.io

Just what is ScaffoldHub?

ScaffoldHub is a full-stack web application generator. You pick and choose your entities, relations, fields and validations. You select your front end framework. And just like that, you have a functioning web app. And the code is yours to edit as you want, too. This is approximately a two-month task for a full stack developer, working at 50$/hour. ScaffoldHub does it in 15 minutes, saving you incredible amounts of time and money.

Why you should use it?

Prime selling point of scaffoldhub is simple. Efficiency. Creating entities, building relations between them and making sure each of them work as intended is a massive chore. Scaffoldhub does it all for you. It’s easy to get started with the scaffoldhub. Its back end is written on node.js, and for the front end it offers a choice between AntDesign, Material UI, Bootstrap, ElementUI, and Angular Material. Afterwards, you choose whether to host it on SQL or MongoDB. Create your entitites and done.

What are the cons?

The application it generates functions, and does it well. But it requires tinkering before it comes close to anything user friendly. Exploring the code base can be cumbersome. Well, you’re essentially taking someone else’s project and trying to adapt.

Final words

Product you are getting is doubtlessly worthwhile. It gets you started on your web app with months of progress already done. But if you wanted to be able to use it out-of-the-box, ScaffoldHub might not be for you.



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