Perfect Opportunity for OTT and VOD… But What About Technological Barriers?

What is OTT and VOD?

Even though OTT and VOD are terms used pretty much interchangeably, that is not exactly correct. In fact, while having technological similarities, they are completely different.

Technological Barriers

Netflix is the first (and perhaps only) world-wide VOD platform. Of course, this is far from a coincidence. Netflix became what it is, because it cleared over certain technological hurdles, that were difficult to overcome back then. But, this difficulty is changing rapidly, and seems that it will continue to.

Future of OTT and VOD Technologies

First two of the barriers, cost of CDN and media servers, are largely things of the past in the current day. However the third one, meaning reasonably priced development of OTT applications who can run seamlessly in many platforms is yet a field that requires progress and development. If all you need from your OTT application to support browsers, Android and iOS, you can almost overlook this issue. However, there is prudence in not overlooking the most basic advice in media. The amount of channels you broadcast in, is directly translatable to how many viewers you will have.



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